Course: Becoming an Instructional Design Consultant  

Calling all Teachers, Consultants, Self-Employed Workers, Contractors and students

HR-OD Analytics has created Becoming an Instructional Design Consultant. The course provides individuals interested in the field of Instructional Design with several strategies and advice on navigating through the ADDIE model of ISD.  In addition, elements of Agile development are provided in the course.

Objectives for this course will include:

  • Define instructional systems design (ISD) and identify the consultant’s role in using the process in organizations.
  • Recognize the ADDIE model and describe how it differs from Agile instructional development. 
  • Identify the ADDIE model and describe how each element of the model is used in the consultative role.
  • Identify career paths in instructional design and document how to seek and obtain a consultant career in the industry.

The class is full of activities and practice scenarios that will be used to help training professionals find their strengths in Instructional Design.  All beginners and self-employed professionals and individuals are encouraged to come to this course.

The course was designed to help consultants who are struggling to write good courses.  You will gain knowledge and strategies on developing course structure, analyzing course design needs, making recommendations for learning strategy, create course content, work effectively with SMEs and ID recruiters. 

Course Date: jUne 3, 2017

Location: J.W. Marriott (Galleria) 5150 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77056

Time: 9AM – 5PM