Courses we offer

We provide customized learning and training solutions, some to include, real-world scenarios, buzz groups, workbooks, learning manuals, and presentations.   Please click the course that addresses your needs to see what comes with it.

*Most courses will be presented live in your city or one near you.  Please check this page periodically to see when we will offer these services.  We also have special business presentations covering several topics that may be of interest to you.

Keynote Presentations / Speeches:

Our presentations are designed for knowledge transfer, to invoke humor, to motivate and revitalize a non-productive culture and to influence individual ideas and development. 

Sign-up for one of our presentations or request our training programs to improve your performance today!

*This company is growing and expanding its services, therefore, this website and learning solutions will be updated and extended as we grow.

HR-OD Analytics provide training materials to help you and your employees to turn on creativity.  Our trainings help organizations and individuals to exhibit characteristics of continuous growth.  We design courses that are intended to enhance individual performance and organizational development. 

HR-OD Analytics conducts research and analyzes trend studies to determine the current needs of various industries and individuals.  We hope our training materials will help transform your workforce as well as improve your individual development.