About us

HR-OD Analytics, founded in 2010, is a full-service, forward-thinking, organizational behavior & learning provider for individuals, small businesses, and large corporations with effective learning solutions for various subjects. Our training include, but not limited to, Leadership, Communication, Cultural Diversity, Health, Safety & Environment, Knowledge Management / Transfer, Succession Planning, Storytelling, Career Development, Research Writing/Analysis, Collaboration, Performance Improvement, Crew Resource Management, and more.  We have extensive experience, more than 14 years, spanning across the Oil, Gas & Energy, Aviation, Academic & School Administration, Government, and Telecommunications industries to name a few.  

what we do

With increasing market pressures and organizational climate changes, building a sustainable learning culture is important to enhancing organizational agility and improving individual and group work performance.  HR-OD Analytics provides organizations & individuals with the learning needed to improve competitive advantage, increase people skills, & sharpen an already high-performing work culture. Our learning is:

  •  Impactful: Training reactions and attitudes are important to the work environment.  Our training packages include knowledge checks, pre-test, & post-test, as a way to evaluate knowledge, skills, & attitudes before and after the learning engagement.
  • Innovative: We design our courses using creative facilitation and teaching techniques.  Our training include technical exercises, buzz groups, action mazes, brainstorming, & more. We also use learning models in our courses.  These models have been beneficial in increasing knowledge transfer.
  • Transferable:  We use games and other learning activities to improve the transference of learning to the work environment.  Our courses include simulations, case studies, and real-world scenarios that are filled with everyday work challenges with viable solutions.
  • Practical: Our courses are designed and supported with research, industry standards, & subject matter expertise.  These course designs are created for easy customization and application to various work environments. 

Our Approach to Learning Design:

Learning Needs - Instructional Analysis (LN-IA):

The (LN-IA) Learning Needs-Instructional Analysis, is an integral part of the training and development process.  When used properly, this process provides the organization with beneficial information about the potential design, development, implementation, and evaluation of its training programs.

The LN-IA can prevent unwanted spend on development.  It is a proactive approach to training.  HR-OD Analytics’ training designs are generated through learning analysis and extensive trend studies and research on various industries and training needs.  

*The LN-IA is for small businesses, government, & large corporations only.  This document will be used to inform new course design and course customization. Tell us what you need by completing the LN-IA.  Click Here for the form. Email this form to HR-OD Analytics.

Content Road Mapping:

A Content Roadmap is a data-rich document used to layout the design of a course. These maps provide clients with the following:

  • Course Learning Objectives
  • Learning Activities / Exercises
  • Evaluation Methodology/Assessments
  • Concept Outline

*The Content Roadmap is for small businesses, large corporations, & educational institutions.  This document will be used to inform new course design and course customization.


Storytelling is used to transfer the learning and concepts outlined in the course.  This method is useful in communicating complex processes/procedures, discovery, describing organizational problems, developing communities of practice, and transmitting new information.

HR-OD Analytics uses the storytelling methodology to tie together concepts, align learning objectives to learning activities, help individuals solve problems, and transfer learning to individuals & groups.

ADDIE Model:

We use the Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, & Evaluation (ADDIE) model or some variation of it in the design of our courses; however, this model is tailored or modified to fit the needs of our clients.  In addition to this model, we use:

  • Rapid Instructional Design (RID)
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Bloom’s Learning Taxonomy
  • Kirkpatrick Model
  • Scenario Writing
  • Content Mapping

About the Owner

Adrienne Captain is the CEO and founder of HR-OD Analytics, a Human Resources and Organizational Development (OD) consulting firm specializing in people development & organizational design in oil and gas, government, finance, education, and supply chain / manufacturing.  Her experience spans across multiple industries in the areas of industrial-organizational psychology, organizational development, training, instructional design, succession planning, leadership, and change management for more than 16 years. She provides expertise to clients and organizations on all areas of the ADDIE model, Agile development, learning management systems, organizational communications, policy interpretation, development, bench strength, employee engagement, customer relations, performance improvement, and knowledge transfer.

Adrienne has trained & educated thousands of people in several organizations in her career.  In addition, she has taught more than 100 college courses over a span of twelve years for multiple universities as an adjunct and full professor in leadership, business, psychology, communications, organizational development, & critical thinking.

Adrienne’s trainings and presentations are impactful, energizing, & motivational.  Click courses to see some of the trainings offered by HR-OD Analytics.

Adrienne has multiple degrees to include a Masters in Industrial – Organizational Psychology and Bachelor degrees in Psychology and Sociology.  In addition, she is certified in Training & Development through the University of Oklahoma.

Adrienne has consulted and presented for leaders and organizations on a global scale.  She has consulted with many companies, some to include: